About Us

Our business model values the authentic relationship between the origin of goods and its final consumer in a socially and environmentally responsible way 

Our Values


Accountability, Integrity and Transparency

We strictly follow legal procedures working in accordance with export, import, sanitary and food regulations, as well as seeking to follow social and environmental responsible trade certifications. We promote the participation, evaluation and feedback of our clients.


Synergy and Connection

We bring awareness on the origin of the goods that we consume by providing an authentic narrative about the farmer or first nations peoples and their land. We believe that our strength is in working together and not on our own. 


Fair and Ethical Trade

We promote trading relationships that are ethical, just, fair and capable of generating a positive impact for the development of peoples and their lands.


Value Diversity

We treat our clients with the utmost respect and diplomacy recognizing that differences exist and that they are not barriers for a win-win relationship.

The business model of One People Trading is indeed a view of the future of trade; allowing the consumer and producer a shared space of understanding, one for the other, thus promoting a mutually empathic and socially conscious view of the products they share.
Pouyan Mahboubi
Dean, Capilano University

One People Trading

British Columbia
+1 (604) 700-2574